(Dragon Creation Story)

This story has been passed down from ages, since before the foundation of Nigeri and all that is known to the lines of dragons. The legend of the beginning of all things. It is a legend of immense power and importance, one which dragons through the centuries have attempted and desired to prove. Whether true or not, this tale hints to some of dragon (at the time calling themselves draekran) superiority and has lead wise dragons to become malevolent and evil megalomaniacs. For the crimes in its name, it was feared, banished, and lost for many millenia. Through a single cult of disillusioned elves worshiping at the foot of Mt. Aelndrag it survived to be told, and in this generation the legend was returned to dragonkind, to myself. This account stands as the official return to its peoples.Ahgjan Ordragc

Once, long ago, there was nothing. Nothing aside from pure and formless magic, not bound to any purpose. This, a great force of energy, swirled and pulsated through the void of nothing until it began to gather with and within itself. As more magic grew together, it began to form a shape, and more shapes. The shapes became worlds, and more shapes became the stars and the suns. And as the worlds formed, the magic shaped and flowed and became the waters of the seas and the soil of the ground and the stones of the mountains, and the winds of the sky, and the flame of the sun burning in the sky, and these became the elements of magic and hold great power.

And from the soil of the land and under the waters of the sea and around the stones of the mountains, the magic took great forms and formed into trees and healingflowers and grazingrass and sea weeds and poultice roots. And they grew across the lands and grew great, and as the sun gave them magic to grow strong so also did the plants give magic back into the soil, and the soil then gave magic to the sky, and the sky gave magic to the sun.

And the magic, covering the surface of the world, formed above the ground and separate from it, and the forms became self aware creatures, of the magic but able to think and control the magic. These creatures called themselves the Draekra, and learned to guide and help the magic as more creatures formed. The Draekra guided the magic into the forms of other beings like themselves, but these could not as easily guide the magic as the Draekra could, and they were named Draekran for they had been the first creations of the Draekra. And they could not understand one another as the Draekra could, so the Draekra gave them a language and it was called Drechea for it would be the words of the Draekran.

And the Draekra continued to aid the magic as more creatures were created, of all kinds and sizes. They formed others with the ability to guide the magic as they could, and many more who had magic but could not use it. The birds of the sky and the beasts of the fields and the fish of the sea. Creatures of four legs, and of two, and of six, and of eight.

As the Draekra guided, the creation magic began to expire, as it was used to form more and more. And as the smallest of creatures and insects were being formed, the magic ran out. The Draekra saw that their power had dwindled and their strength was failing. The Draekra did not want the world left alone, and went to be with Draekran, pouring their last power into the offspring which were hatched to them so that the world might have guardians, and the Draekra were no more. The offspring of the Draekra, the guardians of the world would be marked forever by the rich black blood of magic which flowed in their veins.

The Draekra faded from the world and from memory and for ages on ages the Draekran guided the lands, under the guardianship of the blackbloods of lore, and as a race they preserved the natural cycle of magic and renewal, so that the trees would reach for their sun, and give deep in the soil, and spread into the stones and high into the sky and back to the sun, and so that those things which live on the land gave their magic, their life and energy, to those who hunted them and those who hunt them would return to the soil and give back to the trees and no magic be wasted.

This is the story of how all things came to be, and from all things of that time comes the magic for the formation of all things that have been and are now and will come.