Thaan – Future Trade & Entertainment Center

Remains of a structure along the creek, near the “forest” section of the city.

Once the underground capitol city of the dragons, Thaan is now being repurposed as a trade center and central market city to relieve congestion in Nidarie.

Beside the reconstruction of the many damaged structures, part of this redevelopment is the ongoing removal of the remaining mountain, as not all of the great dome and mountain above the city were removed by the black dragon 300 years ago.  A massive mining operation is underway, lead by dwarven experts, to remove the cliff face and preserve any metals and minerals found within without causing any more damage to the city below. Debris removed by this process are being used to fill in the underground catacombs below the city which have some damaged support columns.  Once the upper portion of the mountain is removed, the rest of the city currently buried under a collapsed section of the dome will be cleared, and some have speculated a tunnel network to other lost cities may be found beyond the currently inaccessible North Gate.

With the remains of its massive structures which once served as homes and meeting halls of the massive reptilian race, this city has a foundation suitable for many indoor marketplaces and investment centers, vast lodging homes and trade brokerages.  The old prison, much too large for any practical use as what it had been intended, is now used to store livestock as the many large rooms allow various trader’s herds to be maintained separately.

Remains of a small structure that once stood outside the main gate. The continuing ridge of the Dakkar Mountain range is visible just across the pass.

Many entertainment and relaxation facilities still exist and have been made functional as well, including the massive hot-water bathing hall which has become a popular tourist destination since the fires heating incoming stream water were rekindled.

The former Royal Palace of Thaan is now used as a central city hall and residing location for visiting members of the Meinan Council.


Most structures are built of large stones with a strong sand mortar.  The roof of many structures is either domed or precisely stacked pyramidal block arrangements with tar sealant to protect the interior from rain.  Because of this, reconstruction was slow until the dragons returned, many having taken employ in construction services.