The Meinah/Nigeri forums began in the summer of 2004, the official opening story beginning that September. The site was a reorganization of an instant messenger roleplay goup who called themselves “Many Insane Dragons,” a group stemming from shared interest among Ahgjan and a group of friends from various forum sites. It held a very random, themeless feel which fittingly matched the group’s name. Unlike “MID,” Arix and Ahgjan developed a rough theme and setting which they named Minah.

Through the first storyline,  “Companions”, and in continuing storylines, the territory of Minah was better defined. In the stories, Beltic (Ahgjan) and a small group of dragons encounted a young orphaned boy named Kaster, held secret meetings with the local human king, and traveling to survive.

A boost of energy came to the forum with the introduction of a group of friends from New Zealand, fresh elf and dragon characters being introduced to the main storyline. Characters like Astrophe, Moondance, and Siena helped new stories take off and breathed life into a site that could have easily faltered in its first year.

In 2005, more detail was given into the details of the landscape and the races. A new map was created to make Minah a Provence of a much larger nation named Nigeri, and more structured stories began arriving. A recurring villain began to gain power, and by 2006 stories revolved around the total war takeover of the land by the evil dragon Synacra, and a forming rebellion to defeat him.

Nigeri went dead before the final battle, and the forum was silent in 2007 and 2008. In 2009, Ahgjan launched a sequel site, Dragon’s Turf. This multiple-RP site included a dragon-fighting roleplay world, a Jurassic Park parallel story, and an early attempt at a Nigeri Sequel. Nigeri II was set 10,000 years after the defeat of Synacra, where a new Ahgjan, Great great great grandson of the original Nigeri’s ruler, lead a much changed kingdom. The story was met with mixed reviews and did not last long.

“Nigeri 2.1” came from a pilot story introduction proposed by Katathias, his original storyline:

From behind the human looking down, a nicely dressed man, a professor probably, holds his hands against a suspended canister and using magic he ignites the canister and soon the balloon begins to lift off. Taking to the skies, rising above the hills with the view of Calista, the White City in the background. Soon they rise above the clouds and even the Pinnacle Tower in Calista. The younger human laughs at the success as they float over the Pinnacle, seeing his own reflection in the marbled surface and gold inlay. “This is amazing professor. Not sure if the Academy will be thrilled you used magic to ignite it though.”

The professor laughed and took his spot next to the boy and motioned to the sky. “Soon boy, the sky will be filled with these.  Humanity will rule the skies like they do the ground and sea, just like dragons once did.” The boy rolled his eyes at the professor. “Im too old for stories about dragons and how they onces ruled Nigeri. You know very well that they didnt exist, that story only works on younglings.” The professore laugh playfully with the boy and ruffled his hair. “I didnt bring you up here just too look at clouds.” The professor walked over to the other side of the basket and motioned the boy over.

“Come here and look…yes, in just…a moment…” Flying over the clouds finally cleared to a valley nestled near a mountain. A roaring sound filled their ears and the professor laughed. Dragons, flying around the valley and around the mountain. “They…how?” The boy was at a loss.  “I found them a few months ago…seems our esteemed Praetor doesnt wish this knowledge to be leaked to the public. If the people knew our governing council and Praetor in the past were resposible for the dissapearance of Nigeri’s greatest, there would be chaos and then the Praetor would have to turn over his rule to the ruler of the dragons to avoid war.  As we know our Praetor isnt one to hand over power so easily.” The boys eyes were ablaze with wonder. “So I intend to force a hand and your going to help me. We will release them from the barrier that holds them inside. The age of humanity has gone too long unchecked, those who are rightful must return to weed out the corruption like our great Praetor.”

Its nothing to extravagent, its a simple story with alot of detail. Pretty much its set after maybe 2k years after whatever happens in Nigeri 2 if it had finished. Dragons were outsed by the growing human populace and their new government which is ruled by a single Praetor and the Pinnacle Council. In order for humanity to thrive without the checks of dragons, the Praetor had the most powerful barrier spell put in place over the valley the dragons retreated to, which require the sacrifice of many magus. it would pull a switcharoo, at first the Praetor would try to make dragons to look like the villains, burning down entire cities, even capturing a dragon and starving it until its hungry enough to eat anything that moves and releases it into Calista.  he wouldnt be the villain that needs an army to destroy his foe, just simple manipulation and the world turns against the now free dragons, but over time, against the manipulative Praetor, people will see dragons are not evil.

Although the idea of a balloon was dropped from the concept, this story formed into the Nigeri II plot which first opened for action in January 2011.  Like the first attempt at Nigeri II, 2.1 met some mixed reviews and was found to be too strict and plot-heavy.

Today, Nigeri is going back to its roots, with Meinah, a merging of the original storyline and Kata’s N2.1 ideas.  Now 300 years after the defeat of Synacra, Original characters are back and while the settings and city details are more details, players are not expected to follow much of an underlying plot like recent attempts had tried to do.