Below is a list of characters that form the central core of the storyline.  More are added as characters become involved in major events.Ahgjan Ordragc DragonName and Titles:  Ahgjan Ordragc, Rathi of Nigeri.  Formerly known as Beltic

Gender: Male

Breed: Glaschek, black blooded

Appearance: A forest green dragon, with darker green patterns down his back and a faded red stripe down his back. Also down the center of his back is a single row of gray spines, and curving from the back of his skull behind each eye is a slightly curved, cracked gray horns. His wing membranes and underside scutes are a paled and worn dirty tan color.

Abilities: Does not breathe fire. However being a pure blackblood, he is able to use some of the stronger forms of magic. Due to past experiences he rarely uses his abilities.

About:  Ahgjan has spent only parts of his life a king (or as some dragons call, “Rathi”), but several portions of his life were spent as a slave and tortured prisoner.  This has humbled him beyond his family’s bloodline normally would allow. Though often generous and friendly, Ahgjan is very reclusive and occasionally seeks time alone with his thoughts.

No longer Rathi, Ahgjan now lives alone planning and building a new library to replace the one severely damaged by Synacra.Arix Ordragc Dragon

Names & Titles: Arix Ordragc, (temporary) Rathi, Warrior

Breed: Glaschek (Standard)

Appearance: An athletic red dragon, Arix is rarely seen without his signature armor.  In a group he stands out by the broken right horn and a scar over his left eye that were gained in battle.  Unlike Ahgjan he has a scissor-like blade that can be opened and closed on the end of his tail.

Abilities: Also unlike his brother Ahgjan, Arix can breathe fire but does not use magic.  He is a warrior worthy of legend and holds true to the warrior’s code.

About:  Originally having come to Nigeri seeking somewhere to put his abilities to service, Arix settled as a protector and advisor to Ahgjan.  It was years after their meeting when Ahgjan discovered him to have been the dragon hatched from a sibling egg sent away by their father to protect the bloodline.

Serving Ahgjan loyally through many trials and battles, he felt betrayed when banished by Ahgjan during the rebellion, and faked his own death before turning to serve Synacra.  Fearing the worst, his mate Siena left Nigeri to protect their clutch when she heard of Arix’s death.  In the final battle of the war, Arix once again turned, helping Ahgjan to defeat Synacra.

Today Arix once again serves Ahgjan when needed, however with his brother no longer a leader in need of as much protection, he also hires his abilities out from time to time.Sienelae (Siena) Ordragc Dragon

Name and title(s): Sienelae Ordragc (Siena); a Fifth Mark of rune-magic and former Aharia of Nigeri, (informally) the Raheire of Yraela

Breed: female dragon of mixed Teltaha and Glaschek ancestry (Black Blooded)

Appearance: except for her shorter wing span, Siena resembles the Teltaha archetype, with silver-grey scales and dark green patterning on the edges of her wing and head crests. She has dark green eyes and the typical translucent forehead gem (telta). Pale blue rune-marks cover the majority of her body, although these are relatively inconspicuous when dormant.

Personality: while her manner has become much harsher since Synacra’s victory, Siena still cares deeply for her family and comrades. She values loyalty and honesty among her subordinates and applies the same principles to her own conduct. She has however, come to place a greater emphasis on protecting the larger population over individuals.

Notable abilities: Siena is a very powerful rune-mage and an experienced fighter, although she has neglected her healing abilities of late. Though they are preserved in word-stones Siena has similarly failed to practice the many languages she used to be fluent in, recalling only a handful with fluency.

About: Siena first reached Nigeri in the years before Synacra’s last rebellion, having fled both Yraela and Talayon in her youth. Unlike in the Teltaha communities, on Nigeri Siena’s mixed blood and familial ties to Synacra carried no stigma, and she eventually rose to become an Aharia and mate to Arix Ordragc.

Shortly after, Siena gained access to the fullest extent of rune-magic; as the only living Fifth Mark. She remains one of the strongest spellcasters of her kind today.

Throughout her time on Nigeri, dating back in fact to her departure from Yraela, Siena maintained a close friendship with Finra. Siena lost track of her during the war with Synacra, and did not see Finra again before she left. Believing Arix to be a traitor Siena fled Nigeri to raise her clutch in safety.

She joined the Teltaha surviving the eruption of Talayon island on Yraela, eventually leading them to oust the last human colonies from the ancient homeland, with the help of Raheir Tasathen. Siena’s young, Shaar and Kakoreta, both joined the war effort when they were old enough, and the campaign came to a successful end almost 280 years after that on Nigeri was lost.

While Tasathen is the formal ruler of Yraela, Siena holds all but equal military standing as the Raheir. While the large-scale conflicts have ceased, the Yraelic dragons keep a constant guard against humans landing to once more hunt the Teltaha of old.Finra – Dragon

Name and titles: Finra, blue bitey thing

Breed: Female Dragon (unknown species)

Appearance: Finra’s most notable feature is her size- small. About that of a smallish cow. Her body is a lightish blue with red tints on her ears, dorsal spikes and talons. She has no wings but an excellent set of long, sharp teeth, her front forelegs are sufficiently handlike to accomadate basic manipulation of objects (i.e. she may not be able to write but she is able to pick up small objects).

Personality: Of an easy going and irreverent nature, Finra’s main purpose in life appears to be the aquisition of edible or shiny objects. Generally not her own. While she may be incapable of grasping the gravity of any given situation/war/general crisis, she is more than happy to tag along on any given adventure.

Abilities: Teeth and Talons: Sharp and pointy. Talons are extendable.
Flame: Big and blue, with practically no accuracy whatsoever. But it looks cool.
Stealth: Can slow heart rate/breating right down. Can camoflage (alter her colouring) to better fit in with her surroundings.

About:There are some major differences between her and other dragons.

She is not a native to Nigeri. She followed Siena here after Siena picked her up on a deserted island where Finra was washed/ blown up on during a storm some time before.

Originally from the equivalent of a Bermuda triangle type affair, her species have evolved separately. The young are kicked off the island (hence the washing up on deserted shore) once they reach a certain age. They are expected to find alternative accommodation, survive there for some years after which they ‘chrysalis’ into organic magical goo encased in a gem like shell. They then emerge, a beautiful dragon having discarded any superfluous adaptations (e.g. wings) and with improved versions of whatever they had been using. Having reached adulthood they either proceed to populate the new territory, or return to the old now that they are a useful and productive living organism.

Finra has lost contact somewhat with her friends Siena and Elena since and because of the war. However the intervening years were not spent idly. Proving to herself and to all others (although she forgot to inform anyone of this noble intention of self discovery) she set to to prove that she could do something useful. By herself. Without getting ‘distracted’. At all. After the seperation from Elena, she wound up in the many tunnels and passages of Ahgjan’s library (where Synacra had set up his base) cheerfully ghosting in and out, doing her best (and she was very good at it) to drive the lackeys, if not the big dragon himself, slightly insane. Eventually she was captured, but in a final act of petty spite, transmogrified into an indestructible and slightly electromagnetic chrysalis, with the intention of waiting it out until someone came to rescue her. 300 years later…Elena – Elf

Name and titles: Elena, the Head Scholar of Talayon Archives

Gender: Female Elf

Appearance: Elena is an golden-haired elf with a lithe figure and of average height. In general she likes to wear silk robes of pastel colors, that suit her pale skin but on formal occasions, she dons her ceremonial robes. The ceremonial robes are consisted of the same colors as the other scholar’s robes, blue and white, however Elena’s has a purple stretch of material across her waist to signify her position.

Personality: Elena used to be quite an emotional elf, driven by her want for revenge and confused by the adolescent feelings that hadn’t settled in her. However, after 300 years of study and calamity, she has changed quite a bit. Elena is now quite a calm and collected elf, still opinionated and not afraid to show anyone so, but less likely to attack on sight. She has taken to calculating her own responses and to observe people before making any judgement on them. However, even if she sometimes seems cold, deep down she still has an ongoing affection for those who she cares for.

Abilities: Elena’s main weapon is her magical spear, given to her by her father at childhood due to difficulties in her magical development. (which was later sped up greatly by Suiso, the dragon) Her only other weapon would be her vast knowledge of everything and anything about Nigeri. In terms of magic, there is the magic from her spear, which can conjure up visions and emotions through ritual. Also Elena seems to have some psychic ability that allows her to be more sensitive of emotions and to share her own. Finally, Suiso the dragon, during their short acquaintance, gave Elena some of her own magic. Though the full extent of this is not known, Elena can fly short distances and heal others quite effectively.

About: Elena was born on Aan’allein, an island far off mainland Nigeri that was predominantly colonized by elves, similar to that of Dyrin. Aan’allein, for many years, was ruled by an elvish monarchy, the royal line leading down to Cutter and Leetah, the last queen and king of Aan’allein and Elena’s parents. However, during the years of Cutter and Leetah’s rule, Aan’allein was attacked by humans and taken over to become a human settlement. The elves on Aan’allein never took back control and Elena escaped onto Dyrin. There, she was charged by the elvish elders to find something on the Nigeri mainland. However, Elena, soon after arriving there, forgot what this important thing was.

Whilst trying to remember what she was charged to find, Elena met her soon to be close companions, Finra, Siena, Arix and Suiso. They spent many days together, on a strange adventure both to explore the area around Dyrin and for Elena to both figure out what she was charged to do and also to resolve some internal spiritual battle she had kept within herself about her want for revenge. During this journey she also met Astrophe, the adopted sister of her parents. Astrophe soon recognized Elena’s lineage and they felt a kinship towards each other that to this day, Elena has not forgotten. However, as their adventures ended, the war began.

During the war, Elena attempted to fight for the elves through a dramatic self-sacrificing attack but that only resulted in Elena’s capture and separation from Finra, her closest companion. She then spent some years in prison until the war ended and Synacra was well and truly destroyed. Knowing that her side has won, Elena searched for Finra, across the far reaches of Nigeri but soon gave up as the discovery of one of Synacra’s wordstones sparked an interest in her, of Blood Magic. Knowing that this magic was taboo to the Teltaha, who were the inhabitants of Yraela, Elena took up the offer that some elvish brethren gave her, to repopulate Talayon, the barren volcanic island, and restore it to it’s former natural beauty. As she had hoped, she found the archives there that still had many records of the Teltaha dragons. During her research, she also managed to reacquaint herself with Siena. Through a chance meeting, the two became close once more, and Elena kept in touch with her on updates of her research.Yr’sha – Human

Name: Yr’sha. Last name unknown

Race and gender: Male Human (In reality he is a Half-Dwarf)

Appearance: 1.9 meters; athletic build. Wears earth toned dwarven attire.

Personality: Reserved and calculating, but honest and just.

Abilities: Prodigious with a quarterstaff(forged from dwarven steel), Spell scroll he keeps tuck away inside a breakaway compartment in his hammer. Armorer’s hammer (used in dwarven forge)

About: Meant to be left out in the elements to die, Yr’sha was adopted by the wife of a dwarven smith, being raised to adhere to their ways and culture. He grew up learning mechanical systems, and has acquired enough skill to be praised even by dwarven standards. His intellect was seen to be rather run of the mill if not slow to the dwarves standard, but he is exceptionally bright for a human.

He is an avid reader, and loves to learn linguistics, history, and artifice. Has a small repertoire of spells memorized, since he has no magic ability of his own.
What he does not know is that he was left to exposure by the family of his mother, who had bore a child with a dwarven male. The people realized he was not a human and left the child, believing it to be an abomination. He knows nothing of this yet. He hails from the city of Telan, and was found in the Xreda forest.Shaar ‘Blade’ Ordragc – DragonName and titles: Shaar (Ordragc), also known as Blade

Breed: female dragon, mixed Teltaha and Glaschek ancestry; Siena and Arix’s daughter, Kakoreta’s sister

Appearance: Shaar resembles Arix more than Siena, with red scales and a stockier build than most Teltaha. She has dark green patterning on her wings and body, with a narrow tail blade. Rather than the Teltaha head crests, Shaar has four separated horns.

Personality: A scholar by preference, Shaar is also a skilled fighter, earning the name ‘Blade’ for her brutal efficiency in dispatching enemies as much as her sharp tongue. Shaar likes to be practical and is irritated by excessively sentimental behavior in others.

Abilities: Shaar breathes fire and has a longer range than most Teltaha, but doesn’t produce the same narcotic flame. She is extremely adept with her tail blade.

About: Shaar hatched on Yraela some 80 years before her brother Kakoreta. Amongst the largely Teltaha population, Shaar’s appearance set her somewhat apart. From the moment she was old enough, Shaar participated fully in the ongoing border wars with the various human factions from the Archipelagos; aiming to achieve peace as soon as possible, so that she might return to her studies.

Shaar greatly prefers books to word-stones, as she deeply dislikes being subjected to the author’s emotions.Kakoreta ‘Kore’ Ordragc – DragonName and titles: Kakoreta (Kore) Ordragc, also known as Bane, a Fourth Mark of rune-magic, Arix Jr

Breed: male dragon, mixed Teltaha and Glaschek ancestry; Arix and Siena’s son, Shaar’s brother

Appearance: Kore is a slightly built, very dark green dragon, and although he has the typical Teltaha ruff, his horns have an upwards tilt, reminiscent of Synacra, his great grandfather’s grandfather. His telta is very visible against his blackish scales.

Personality: Kore is rather philosophical, and has come to detest fighting. While a powerful rune-mage he strongly dislikes using his magic for aggressive purposes; to a degree he regrets having acquired the marks so young.

Abilities: A Fourth Mark of rune-magic, Kore is powerful but inexperienced, and now very reluctant to use rune-marks at all. Although Kore is able to cast the Oblivion Mark, he has only used it once, and vowed never to do so again. Kore is a skilled healer, about the only use of his magic he has not forgone.

About: During the skirmishes on Yraela Kore wreaked havoc with his rune-magic, earning the name ‘Bane’. A Fourth Mark before he turned 200, he simply demolished entire human forces; breaking and burning, or just driving them insane.

However Kore abruptly tired of the fighting and stepped aside almost 50 years before the major conflicts ceased. In this time he focused on his healing skills as a Teltaha, also taking more of an interest in Nigeri.