City of Art

Located between the largest two of the Great Silver Lakes, Rhen is known as the city of Art because of the large population of artists of many kinds who reside there.  Most come because they find the gleaming silver-blue of the placid lakes to be inspiring, and more poetry and paintings exist in Meinah of the two lakes than any other subject matter.

About the Lakes

Legend has it that the Great Silver Lakes were formed when the dragons dug out the land to bury their cities and form the Dakkar mountains during the war against the elves.  When the quarries filled with water backflowing down a river from the ocean, the dragons enchanted the water ceremoniously placed the bodies of fallen solders in the lakes where they became flakes of silver lining the bottoms of each lake as a monument to the fallen.

Though dragons hold to the legend, there are very few known records of that war remaining and other races speculate it is mere myth.  However the Meinan Council upholds that no silver is to be taken from these lakes as dragons hold them as sacred, and few wish to risk diving into the lake for the treasure as the water, though non-corrosive, causes a burning sensation to the skin of most races besides dragons.