Space 2078

It is the year 2078, and the human population of earth has grown and advanced for many decades. After a successful colonization of Mars in 2031, advancements in space travel leapt forward. Humanity developed the technology to travel faster than the speed of light, and it did so, seeking out new, farther planets to plant new communities on and develop for new and unique resources.

At the forefront of this exploration is the UNAA Magdelane, one of Earth’s first deep space craft, used by the United Nations Astronautics Administration to explore and identify which planets are habitable, and bring back samples of any minerals, vegetation, or animal life found (though to date no planet beyond Earth herself has been found to hold either of the latter.)

Today, UNAA Magdelane approaches her next subject planet, PNKR-2231 a, and her crew prepares their environment suits and landing shuttle for departure in less than an hour…

Genre: Science Fiction
Year Created: 2013
Co-Creator: Shade Sirenwolf
First Use: Direct Messaging Roleplay

This setting is a combination of several roleplays with creatures designed for the same universe. Humans here are new to interstellar travel and in their search for new resources and planets to colonize find themselves caught up in a centuries old war between three races.

The Races


The people of Earth advanced their technology rapidly after successfully colonizing Mars and discovering new minerals which allowed for powerful propulsion systems. The discovery of faster than light travel only a couple of decades ago has gained them a far reaching territory which is slowly being colonized as their population continues to grow in number across the galaxy. Their spacecraft and technology are still quite weak and small in comparison to what they depicted in science fiction films of the late 20th century and so they can still be considered quite primitive and naive by any other cultures they may encounter – although they haven’t yet!


Original Uridian Concept

A reptilian race from the planet Cedos which could be described as dragon-like salamanders. They can be found in a variety of bright colors and patterns. Uridians have four eyes and are capable of swimming in deep waters without harm. Despite an initial appearance as a primitive or animal species they are highly advanced and intelligent and much of their technology is organic based, including spacecraft which are grown from trees and include an entire ecosystem inside to support the crew and the ship alike.


A rather humanoid species, the tudiani are highly advanced race with a heavy dependence on technology. They look similar to bald humans, standing on average about two feet taller than humans with pale gray skin, no visible ears and having smaller mouths and one nostril on a flat nose. This race has developed multiple planets in their solar systems into manufacturing facilities for commercial goods in demand by their citizenry and construct massive ships to explore and colonize planets, moons and asteroids rich in minerals and other marketable goods.

Original Shard Dragon Concept

“Shard Dragon”

This species is related to the Uridians and can be found in the same solar system on the planet Ut. They are intellegent and may have telepathy but do not speak or have a formal society. Their bodies match the jet black and jagged obsidian surface of their barren-looking planet and live off of algae and the rock that they resemble. The Tudiani capture and keep them as pets as well as harvesting their acidic saliva.


An advanced serpentine race who live for invasion and conquering. They have three heads: one contains the brain and has eyes and nostrils but no mouth and the other two heads only contain mouths. Their technology allows them direct mental communication with one another and with their machines and weapons. Few who fight them survive.