Little is known about this species or its origins. They are an invading species who seem to live for battle. Serassians look like giant snakes at first, however they have three heads rather than one and long vine like tendrils emerging from their back just below the point where their three necks branch from their torso. They are a solely carnivorous race and are almost always hungry.

(censored) A serassian solder stands guard among the rubble of a residential area while dining on her kill during an invasion.

The center head bears a single pair of eyes and two nostrils but no mouth and contains the creature’s brain, while the other two heads each end in a mouth with no eyes, nostrils or additional brain. These mouths can each speak independently. They are capable of quickly learning almost any language however they speak most with a lisp. The tendrils from their back fork near their ends and allow for very precise handling of any object.
Serassians are technologically advanced and their weapons are highly developed and precise.

Each member of the species is augmented with a neural interface chip embedded into the back of their skull which allows them to mentally synchronize with and control machines and devices without needing physical contact as well as download instructions and battle commands to be enacted immediately without needing any other communication or instruction. This makes them a challenge to fight in combat as reaction time for large weapons is decreased and the entire fleet or ground force (in case of invasion) can change strategy immediately and in unison without delay.