About the Atlas

I was first introduced to the concept of text-based roleplaying while in High School in the early 2000s.  In those days a vast majority of the format took place on MSN Instant Messenger and bulletin board web forums.  What began as a passing interest in making some online friends and a few rather random settings quickly evolved into something far more detailed and so in September of 2003, I and a close friend who is known online as Arix opened a forum of our own.

At the beginning what we had named Meinah and later expanded on and renamed Nigeri had started out as a somewhat random collection of ideas centered around a generic fantasy setting.  As the story began to define itself through discussions between myself, Arix and others on the server I found that I enjoyed coming up with details for the world, and took to the worldbuilding with as much enthusiasm as the roleplaying itself.  The forum thrived for several years and along with it both my writing and my creativity improved.  After a large story arc the members decided to take a hiatus, however that arc ultimately proved to be a conclusion to the story.

As the years have passed I have created several worlds, plotlines and unique species for roleplays both on instant messenger formats and attempted forums, finding that I enjoy seeing people enjoy my creations even more than I enjoy using them myself.  With the advent of Social Media platforms MySpace and Facebook in the mid-late ‘00s the popularity of forums declined and no other group setting I had created had become as successful as Nigeri. I continue to create worlds with friends, some original, others inspired by or based upon popular franchises.  Most of my worlds since Nigeri have been created with a single story in mind yet are capable of being expanded into a far larger group situation.

With the growth in popularity of the Discord community and chat program I learned that user-created servers could be arranged in a layout relatively similar to the webforums I was used to roleplaying on, and have experimented with reviving some of my stories in that format.  My most successful roleplay world since Nigeri has been active since 2018, providing an all original setting, timeline and storyline that is set within the world of How To Train Your Dragon which is named Dragon’s Rest.  

At present I am working to revive a concept that I named “The New World” which was created in 2007 and had never garnered enough support, which is set in a world that merges the events of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World” with details from both the books and the original film trilogy of Jurassic Park.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned that friends and coworkers of mine had made use of some of the details I had created for Nigeri in their own stories and D&D tabletop roleplay sessions.  Keeping that in mind and realizing that I needed a reference website for both Dragon’s Rest and The New World, I have decided to create this website to serve as a repository for as many of my creations and ideas as I can compile.  

This website serves as both a reference base for my active Discord servers as well as a resource for anyone interested in using this material for their own story, personal roleplay or a D&D session.  Bear in mind however that this material is copyrighted by myself and in some cases others and you are not permitted to use my creations for commercial use or to create your own discord server or other such group or service without my express written permission.