“Shard Dragons”

Sharing a similar genetic ancestry to the Uridians, Shard Dragons (as humans would call them, they have no true name) also breathe through their horns and have two pairs of eyes. Unlike uridians, these eyes share the same socket and simply provide a nearly 360 degree view of their surroundings if needed making it difficult to sneak up on one. This species is sapient but does not have a spoken language or a structured civilization, it is believed that they can understand others’ desires through a sort of telepathy leaving them with no need to speak to one another. They live on the planet Ut in the same solar system as Cedos.

Original Shard Dragon concept drawing

The planet from above appears barren with a surface of jet black obsidian often jagged from being broken in the frequent windstorms. In reality there is live within the rocks and underground in the form of various bacteria, algae, small plants and fungus. It is however rich in minerals and there is a uridian mining outpost on the planet. The dragons have bodies which match this jagged obsidion in appearance allowing them to virtually dissapear on the planet surface by laying still.

Shard Dragons live off of a mixture of the minerals from the obsidian rock and the algae which grows on its underside. They collect loose fragments of rock and use their acidic saliva to dissolve the rock in their mouths before swallowing their meals and can also be found chewing the undersides of rock formations for additional algae.

Despite the lack of spoken or written communication the uridians were able to come to an agreement with the dragons and add water and fresh algae sources to the planet in exchange for the mineral rights to the planet. This has proven beneficial to both parties. The tudiani occasionally come to Ut to capture dragons to be sold as exotic pets, slaves or to harvest their acid although the uridians have increased the planet defenses against this in recent years.