A Land of Dinosaur and Human Cooperation

Only the continent of Materia is known to the people of Materia. It is unknown exactly what the world population may be, as the long lost land of Aert may have recovered from its calamity after the human settlers came to this land.

Civilization & Population

There are four unique cultural divisions in Materia. The primary society is that which calls itself the Nation of Materia and is made up of communities populated by both humans and dinosaurs (pelaons.)

The wilderness is occupied by the more primative purist pelaon and humans, who among them have a wide array of traditions and assortments but do not interact with members of the Nation very often.

Additionally various species of flight capable species occupy coastlines and islands of wilderness areas and claim the sky as their independent territory. These groups of flying creatures are often referred to as “flyer guilds” as the various communities make independent agreements with neighboring Nation communities. A similar but far more simple relationship also exists with the mysterious underwater communities of sentient swimming creatures.

Latest Census

At the last census, the population of The Nation of Materia was summarized as follows. These numbers do not include pelaon or human residents of the wilderness or members of any flyer guilds or swimmer colonies.

Total Population 858,399339,1471,197,546
Capital City Husen81,21339,012120,225
City of Pittston62,98133,18796,168
City of Borrisdon48,09218,31866,410
City of Reston47,62216,19763,819
City of Ale’s Ferry45,54812,66258,210
City of Bergen40,44211,91252,354
City of Hull41,7158,19749,912
City of Salfulk37,5826,92144,503
City of New Bacam29,8743,11432,988
City of Race-on-Sea23,8124,27428,086
City of Elizabethtown16,2127,25823,470
City of Kario17,0564,52321,579
City of Fork8,3897,93216,321
Town of Dondoen10,8822,12813,010
Town of Suran Lake10,0212,27012,291
Town of Shillforge8,6882,92211,610
Town of Kirrace8,5032,57311,076
Town of Ennis7,4103,28210,692
Town of Farns Tavern8,0212,19710,218
Town of Bakarstown7,8991,9289,827
Town of Halfdon5,5023,2209,722
Town of Chelyekburg6,9022,1179,019
Town of Parry4,9121,8146,726
Town of Tyrannus Woods3,6872,3706,057
Town of Vaston4,3311,2185,549
Town of Bonniebreak4,5239105,433
Town of Rye’s Pass
Misc. Villages216,394112,766329,158
No Current Abode32,18541,92874,113