A Land of Dinosaur and Human Cooperation


Very little is known about these beings. Swimmers are the aquatic residents of Materia and are found in every waterway connected to the great star sea. Some are mammalian, some reptilian and a very small number are classified as fish. This excludes “normal fish,” but instead specifically refers to larger species who are sapient and can communicate either directly or through a translator.

Despite the possibility of communication, these do not often speak vocally, and those who do rarely provide much information, instead preferring simple and to-the-point statements and answers in the plelaon tongue. Personal and cultural questions seem to be taboo.

Mammalian species would be classified as dolphins and whales, and do have similarities to several Earth species. Similarly, most do not sleep but rest half their brain while swimming “on autopilot.” They live in migratory pods and follow food sources rather than claiming territories.

Reptilian species include beings resembling plesiosaur, elasimosaur and mosasaur species. These seem to form communities and define territories among themselves. They are generally easy to form agreements with and ask permission to fish their waters. It is assumed that they form underwater communities in the areas where they do not allow any fishing. Researchers theorize that they may live in underwater caves with an oxygen supply or build structures to sleep in for which they transport oxygen from the surface during the day. It is possible that entire underwater cities exist.

Various large-fish and shark species are intelligent enough to communicate as well, but are often more simplistic and instinct driven rather than critical and logical thinking.