A Land of Dinosaur and Human Cooperation

Materia is a land of opportunity, of friendship and unity…but also a land of risk and danger! Can you survive?

The official seal of the Nation of Materia, representing the union of human and pelaon in the growth of life, peace, and prosperity.

With elements inspired by several popular fictional worlds, our stories take place in a new and original setting where a growing society integrates humans with sapient dinosaurs. This land is known to its residents as Materia and offers its bounties and its adventures to you!

Write your own future in our society as a human or dinosaur (pelaon) resident in one of hundreds of rustic communities dotting the landscape, a wagoner pulling goods or passengers from city to city and enjoying the hospitality of the many inns and taverns, or, if you prefer you may live the life of a “purist” who prefers the more simple life hunting and foraging in the uncharted wilderness. Where will your journey take you?

Welcome to Materia!