A Land of Dinosaur and Human Cooperation

Server Overview

Materia is a semi-literate to literate roleplay world in which players assume the identities of and write descriptive posts following the lives of either human or dinosaur (pelaon) characters created by the player. Official activity takes place on a Discord server.

Various inspirations for the server’s lore can be found in both fiction and real life, and it is encouraged that players reference details within the lore before beginning to write stories on the server.

Server Rules

  1. Be kind to other members. No insulting or harassing.
  2. Avoid political or religious discussions in chat.
  3. Keep server conversation and posts PG-13. No excessive gore or NSFW content. If staff ask for a post to be changed it must be done immediately or it will be removed.
  4. Rulings by staff are law. Do not openly question staff decisions, instead take disagreements to DMs.
  5. These rules may change at any time. Changes will be noted on the Bill Board channel.

Roleplay Rules

  • Minimum post length is 3 sentences.
  • No controlling actions of other players’ characters.
  • Character activities must be realistic for your species and physics.
  • No character may hold a position of special importance unless otherwise approved by staff.
  • In order to keep the server organized, stories take place in threads.
  • Do not join an existing story without first being granted permission by those writing that story.
  • Contribute details to the story, do not expect your partner(s) to write a story for you.

Our Tier System

In order to ensure a quality roleplaying experience for our members, a tier system is in place to open up more opportunities for character types for those who have proven their value to the server. Staff look for activity both in and out of stories, roleplay quality and the ability and desire to help drive plots.

Tier 0

This is the tier new members are given upon being verified. Tier 0 members have access to post in some community channels and character planning channels as well as reading-only permissions to follow ongoing stories in the roleplay channels.

Tier 1

Upon your first character being approved by moderators, you are granted Tier 1 status and the ability to see all community channels as well as post in most story channels.

As a new member, you are only allowed one human, herbivore or small theropod character. Small theropod includes TRUE velociraptor and smaller (.7m / 2′ tall max, not Jurassic Park size raptors).

Tier 2

These members have proven their ability to roleplay well and carry a story. Staff may advance a member to this tier at any time at their discretion and at their own time. Requests to be promoted to tier 2 may result in more delay until promotion.

Tier 2 members may have up to 6 characters of any kind excluding extra large carnivores (Majungasaurus or larger, about 6m / 20′ adult size or larger.)

Tier 3

Once a member has been comfortable in Tier 2 status, Tier 3 may be provided to members by staff if they feel the member has been an exceptional part of server growth and activity.

This tier allows up to 12 characters and access to the largest of carnivores for characters as well as permitting the creation of villain, outlaw or other generally antagonistic characters. Tier 3 allows the creation of private RP threads as well. Over time additional Tier 3 only channels for stories may be added as well.

Wisened One

This tier is reserved for the server members who have been active since before the server went “public” as well as anyone else that the staff agree deserves the role. This permits unlimited and unrestricted creation of characters.

Creating Characters

New character submissions should be placed in the “Submit Character” channel. Once approved by at least two members of staff your character will be added to the official Characters directory and you will be pinged in that listing as well as receiving Tier 1 roles if it is your first character.

Providing a Google Docs link with as much information about your character as you wish to write is permitted, as long as it is accompanied by the minimum profile content:

  • Name
  • “Human” or Species if dinosaur
  • Age
  • Size (Height and/or Length. Weight is optional.)
  • Occupation
  • Basic physical description
  • Basic personality
  • Likes
  • Dislikes/Fears
  • Alignment
  • Detailed physical description
  • Parents’ names
  • Relationship Status
  • Hometown
  • Current home
  • Education
  • Past History
  • Favorite foods
  • Any other details you wish to share
  • Image

If you wish to make changes to an approved character:

  • Submit a new profile in Character Submissions with “RESUBMITTING” written at the top of the new profile.
  • A member of staff will either edit or replace your existing profile depending on the changes being made.
  • Any changes to Google Docs should be reflected in primary profile. Do not make any significant changes to a Docs profile without notifying staff.