What is The New World

What Is “The New World”

Put simply, The New World is a “Dinosaur Island” roleplay.

Officially this setting has a canon storyline which is used on the official Discord server, however the maps and resources can be used to create more adventure/survival themed plots for personal roleplay, stories and tabletop games. Unique buildings, landmarks and dinosaur variations make this an interesting landscape that is similar to but differs in some ways from that of the Jurassic Park official canon.

Official Plotline

The New World plotline involves the option to play as either human or dinosaur and is designed for serious, longer form posts only. In this setting dinosaurs roam the wilds of the island while an active corporate complex exists where human researchers and scientists along with their families live within a secure facility. For human characters this allows for adventure / survival, slice of life and scientist experimentation type stories as well as interaction with and possibly care or training of dinosaurs. For Dinosaur characters the focus of stories is feral slice of life, survival, territorial conflicts, hunting or grazing and interacting with humans including being experimented upon.

The company is an original creation inspired by two characters from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1912 novel “The Lost World,” the title also taking inspiration from that story. The plotline of that book which is set in 1912 is merged with New World original content and incorporated into a mix of timeline and details from both novel and film versions of the Jurassic Park franchise.

Some liberties and differences exist between this setting an the official Jurassic Park canon. The most notable difference comes from the origin and timeline of dinosaur research. Within both film and novel versions of Jurassic Park, InGen was the originator of dinosaur cloning processes and no live dinosaur existed before their 1980s research. In The New World the Summerlee-Challenger Genetics Corporation (SCGC) has been studying the genetic structures of live dinosaurs which were secretly discovered in 1908. In this story InGen’s cloning procedure was stolen from the SCGC but they took unnecessary shortcuts in order to quickly breed dinosaurs for their amusement park.

Also unlike Jurassic Park stories in which the human security measures fail and the remaining characters are left to survive until rescued, this story is meant to be an ongoing plot in which the humans are successfully living on the island and interacting with the creatures. Some incidents involving the need to escape and survive until rescue arrives and occasional attacks may take place however a complete failure of island security is unlikely. Instead internal conflicts regarding questions of ethical experimentation and hiding the existence of a mutagenic virus from the public will be major elements of the stories in this world.