Welcome to Isla Panadero

Welcome to The New World – A Dinosaur Island Roleplay inspired by the Jurassic Park universe AND Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1912 novel The Lost World! Use the menu above and to the left to learn about the plot and backstory to this unique world! If you want specifics about the setting and the dinosaurs visit the Employee Portal to explore a mock company database full of details.

Our work in Brazil has been kept quiet for nearly a century. In 1997 the world learned quite suddenly that there was not only one but two islands occupied by living dinosaurs. What would be so wrong about creating a third?

The Summerlee-Challenger Genetics Corporation Paelobiological Complex.

In 1993, the International Genetic Technologies Corporation put a hush on a fatal incident at an under-construction amusement park off of the coast of Costa Rica, both the company and Costa Rica denying the rumors of dinosaur attacks.

Two further incidents on another island leased by the company in 1995 and 1997 became public scandal after a Tyrannosaurus Rex rampaged through San Diego and caused millions of dollars in damage and fatalities.

What the world never learned was that a company deep in the Amazon had been researching and experimenting with dinosaurs long before inGen’s first amber discovery. What had been declared a media hoax conceived and perpetuated by a London Newspaper in 1912 was in truth the beginning of paleobiologic research the likes of which society has never been aware.

Hiding in the shadow of the new Masrani/inGen amusement park under construction on Isla Nublar, their competitors have constructed an island facility of their own. A complex where the humans are contained and the dinosaurs roam free, where the question of ethical experimentation is a blurred line and the employees are convinced that they work in a safe tropical paradise.

What could go wrong….?